Martyn Ravenhill knows that when someone speaks about key aspects that make the difference between good and great salespeople, it is often in reference to motivating factors.  Salespeople are already born with the gift of gab and persistence, and have an innate inner drive and self-confidence; however, what motivates them to become the best at what they do is the key and it can be something as simple as a kind word.


Praise is really the most effective tool.  A recent article that I read actually likened a training method to how one trains their dog:  telling their audience that indeed they must give praise as close in time as possible to the good deed evidenced.


In the timeshare industry there is so much negativity being thrown around so it is important to insulate your sales force as much as possible by instilling a sense of unity.   Team rewards provide unity like working towards an all-expense paid dream trip that the team will take together with a friend of their choosing.


Information is the third key.    When one knows all there is to know about their product then one is not likely to allow the negative connotations such as scam, rip-off or complaint to enter their consciousness. Martyn Ravenhill understands that Product information seminars are vital to the timeshare industry.  They provide the power of information and the timeshare salespeople will have the answers.


Everyone needs a purpose in life and for many it is their work.   If the timeshare salesperson can stay focused and on target then their sense of purpose will be realized.  Once again, it is the feeling that they are being a part of something bigger than themselves and that they are working towards the greater good.


Martyn Ravenhill understands that without believing in this timeshare industry you can accomplish nothing.  Or to say it another way:  “Always believe in what you do and you can accomplish anything you set out to achieve”.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that it is always tempting to gravitate to what might be known as folk art; however, not all items are genuine.   Anything made locally by hand.   My first “buy” was a hand carved leather wallet; very pretty and I am sure it took someone a long time to make.

On a general note, most things made out of plastic are definitely a rip-off. Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited suggests that when buying souvenirs it is often better to make sure they are made out of natural substances:  clay, wood, paper, glass, cloth, metal or canvas.  Of course, with that being said the first scam that often comes to mind is when the beach or street vendors try to sell you silver and it is really alpaca, a metal that looks a lot like silver but is only a metal alloy and not silver at all.

The best place on earth to buy handmade silver jewelry is in Mexico, specifically, Taxco. Taxco silver is available all over Mexico, but highly doubtful if you will find it on the beach. The large air-conditioned jewelry stores will give you a solid investment for this type of silver and they may even include a purchase certificate.

Baskets, hand painted pottery, piñatas, paper mâché, and many less expensive investments are available at the flea markets, if you are up for an adventure.  Many good bargains can be found, especially if you are a good at negotiating.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that no matter where you purchase souvenirs, if you decide to use your credit card, which has its own challenges in Mexico. Always double check your receipts and your credit card statements to avoid being double charged or charged extra for something.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare feels that a timeshare without an annuity seems like salt without pepper.  Imagine going to a Subway and ordering a sandwich and having the server explain that they were having their Grand Opening and he would be happy to serve you but that they were out of bread.  Would you feel ripped off?   So if you are a resort developer selling timeshare/ vacation clubs don’t forget the bread:  SPDA (Single Premium Deferred Annuity).   Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare  suggest that it is a perfect match:  a timeshare with a single premium differed annuity plan which ensures that your rental fees will continue into perpetuity.

As a vacation club developer, once you have finished designing and building your complex you have many choices for capturing your investment and securing your gains:

  1. You can sell outright.
  2. You can open a hotel.
  3. You can sell individual units or rent them.
  4. You can have a luxurious facility with fractional ownership or a timeshare/vacation club.

If you choose the last option and you don’t want to get ripped off, or have your buyers get ripped off, then you can provide an avenue towards a deferred annuity plan that supplements your timeshare offering and thusly you have achieved the perfect synchronicity.

A paradise getaway that is beautiful and luxuriously maintained and ready for the future and a grand vision that will be sustained by the community because it will never slip into disrepair.  This is one reason why timeshares are so successful.

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare knows that Puerto Vallarta is a tourist town supported by timeshares because they work.  Many happy tourists return annually to their vacation destinations and many happy developers see that their resorts are well-kept and nicely manicured.  Of course, the icing on the cake is the deferred annuity that holds the whole thing together, and no one gets ripped off.

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Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare asks to imagine yourself in the following scenario:

You are a hardworking individual who works a normal 9 to 5 job to ensure bills are paid, family is taken care of, and money is put away in savings for future use. Every year, you feel it is important to take a vacation, not because you feel you have to, but rather because you enjoy traveling and seeing new places.

In a recent trip to Mexico, you stayed at a resort and fell in love with its facilities, its location, the friendly service from its employees, and wondered if there might be a way to experience that on a regular basis. Low and behold you discover that there are options available that would allow you to take advantage of such a vacation experience every year, it’s known as purchasing in a vacation club membership with a resort.

Many resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and other parts of the world offer this type of program or something similar to vacationers. Although, at first, it may seem like a steep investment to make, in the long run, it is a way to save money while taking vacations.

Martyn Ravenhill knows that at the same time, there are a number of resorts promoting the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity product. The Lloydshare Deferred Annuity is a product that allows those purchasing a vacation club membership to regain the purchase value after a set number of years, usually 25 years. Martyn Ravenhill says that this product is purchased after the vacation club membership transaction is completed and only requires a one-time payment equal to a small percentage of the vacation club membership purchase value.

To learn more about the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity’s benefits, please visit

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Martyn Ravenhill is the President and also CEO of Lloydshare Limited and has just recently obtained an Appreciation Award regarding his work by Maxwell Magazine. The prize shows Mr. Ravenhill for being highlighted in the magazine all through this past year as being a featured Business Profile.

The honor was presented during Maxwell Magazine’s 3rd anniversary celebration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Martyn Ravenhill had this to say regarding the award:
“Recognition is as equally important as reward in my view, when the two are combined it really demonstrates something meaningful and special. I wish to thank everyone at Maxwell Magazine for their appreciation and continued success.”

Lloydshare has also received a ‘Best Developer Partner’ honor from Perspective Magazine for their superior business practices. They also carry on growing inside the industry through providing numerous advantages, in addition to respect, to their associates.

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